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Wanna be Amazing.

On Monday I wrote about how I only know the coolest people.
Well, I wannabe be more like the people I surround myself with.

My friend Sandra Giarde told me a story about our mutual friend, Bridget Johnson, who works for the San Diego CVB (Convention and Visitor’s Bureau). Sandra is an Executive Director for an association whose annual conference will be held in San Diego in 2012. This year it was at a hotel in Los Angeles.
Do you know what she received at the front desk of the LA hotel when she checked in? A handwritten note from our mutual friend, as Sandra will be her client next year when she comes to our city.
How amazing is that? To take the time to, first of all, write a handwritten note, and, second, to make sure it was at the front desk of a hotel in another city when she checked in? REALLY? (B – you are remarkable.)

Speaking of handwritten notes, a couple lately have astounded me. One was from my dear friend Andrew Walker. He just relocated to the UK to start his own Eco-consulting firm for meetings and events. His address information had been updated on his business card so he sent it to me with a really endearing note that made my day so much more special. But, here’s the thing. Andrew and I are connected in every which way possible. We IM on Skype, chat on Facebook, have LinkedIn profiles – the gang’s all there! And yet he still took the time to send a personalized, lovely card ALL the way from England. Wow!
The other note was from PCMA. It was a form letter thanking me for my participation at the Annual Convening Leaders Conference. But, at the bottom, was a hand-signed, personlized note from the President of an association with tens of thousands of members, Deborah Sexton. Now, I know she signed thousands of these letters. But then she took the extra time to write a really nice, personal message to me.
That’s cool.

Jessica Levin (mentioned in this super interesting blog post by friend Billy Kirsh) made two dozen of my favorite cookies (Snickerdoodles, in case you were wondering) and crossed Canadian customs with them to bring me the homemade treats – just because I mentioned how much I like them.

So it’s time for me to step up the game. I need to know more about how to be like these amazing people, to mimic their examples and learn from their thoughtfulness.

Btw, I hate that word amazing. It’s overused. So I mean it when I say it.


4 Responses

  1. Midori,
    That means more than you know.
    1)to read that from person that inspires all around her with both innovative ideas and infectiously charming energy,
    2) to be mentioned among a group of individuals, each of whom I greatly respect,
    3) coming off another “conference high” with you….
    You, my friend, are more AMAZING that you know.


  2. Everything Bridget said!

    Seriously, though…Midori, your blog post made my WEEK. Truly ‘amazing’. I do disagree with one point, however: you are just as thoughtful, you just express it in different ways!

    PS I love the ‘ALL the way from England’ comment too…made me chuckle 😉

  3. I used to use AMAZING all the time, but ever since you told me last June that you hate it, I’ve been inhibited with using it, but dang it Midori, sometimes you just want to say AMAZING. Hey, I LOVE your new blog, and you’re my hero for doing this, because I’ve been wanting to start a personal blog and I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll be watching you!!!

  4. You are amazing. Why? For many reason, but mostly because of how you make me see things in a different light. One filled with openness and positivity.

    I use amazing a lot. That’s because I am always impressed by the wonderful people that I met. I might start saying that someone is “wordless” when they are so remarkable that there are no words to describe them.

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